McIntosh Services, Inc.

Energy Solutions

McIntosh Corporation is your source for Energy Services.

Our Energy Consultants can start by benchmarking your building. Our benchmarking program compares your buildings energy usage with EPA Energy Star database to find out how your building compares to its peers. We then install monitors in you building and monitor your equipment and energy use. After all the data is collected and analyzed, our Energy Consultants design a detailed energy plan to get your building performing at its best. But it does not end there. We can design a energy service agreement that will provide you with constant monitoring and building evaluation to make sure that you building continues to operate as efficiency as possible.

From energy-efficiency audits, consultation and design/build to commissioning/re-commissioning, operations and maintenance. Our team of Energy Consultants includes LEED® accredited experts, multi-disciplined professional engineers, efficiency and conservation experts, estimators, operators, and other energy specialists covering nearly every type of facility, for solutions that power business.