McIntosh Services, Inc.


McIntosh coordinates with our subcontractors and other trade contractors on the job to pre-check every part of the system as early as possible. We make sure that the entire system is fully operational and that it conforms to your needs before we leave the job site.

We also offer 3rd party (Fundamental and Enhanced) commissioning required by LEED for USGBC certification of your building.


  • Pre-Design Planning- Pre-design commissioning evaluates the process of developing quality standards.
  • Design Intent Development – Commissioning is used as a quality control process to establish and prioritize project specific key success criteria, from which the design team will develop a project design.
  • Design Review – Provides early quality control feedback to the Owner and the A/E design team. Provides an opportunity to make adjustments before there is a notable impact to the project.
  • Commissioning Plan – Provides a project specific overview for construction verification, documentation, and the functional testing process.
  • Installation Verification – Evaluates the construction process to verify that the installation quality meets the project Design intent. Early feedback provides an opportunity to discover any deficiencies and make adjustments before project completed.
  • Functional Testing – Functional testing is a specific set of tests designed to verify that the constructed system meets the Project design intent. Individual components are started up and checked, and then the system is tested. An action item log is maintained to document any system adjustments.
  • Acceptance Testing & Final Report – Acceptance testing demonstrates that the completed system meets the Owner’s project requirements. A final report is issued to document accepted system.


  • Systems Manual- Develop a systems manual that provides future operating staff the information needed to understand and optimally operate the commissioned systems.
  • Verify Operator and Occupant Training- Verify that operation and maintenance personnel and occupants are properly trained.
  • 10 Month Warranty Review- At the end of the construction phase, the commissioning authority returns to the building at the 10-month point to review its operation for warranty issues.